Case Study

Case Study



A relationship that spanned years, we helped Cisco launch multiple initiatives from content marketing to some of the company's first iPhone and iPad apps - helping raise the public's awareness of the emerging network needs.

Cisco CLUE




The Cisco Connected Life User Index is a measurement of global traffic patterns, the impact of emerging technology and overall bandwidth consumption.


As creative lead at, my team was tasked with taking these very detailed and complex data sets and creating an easy to use, engaging and informative site.





Global Internet Speed Test (GiST)



To reinforce Cisco’s leadership in core and network devices, we designed and developed a pair of iPhone and BBOS apps that allow users to test and map their mobile bandwidth for personal and global comparisons.


Users with the apps installed are not only able to see how they compare to other users/devices/networks, but track their own personal fluctuations in performace between time of day, days of week and location - or watch real-time results at the VNI campaign site.


Since it’s launch, Cisco GiST has been downloaded by over 350,000 users on the iTunes app store.